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What do I need to wear??

 If the session requires working on your lower body, for men, we suggest wearing shorts and for women shorts or loose-fitted clothing. For the upper body, we suggest a sports bra for females. We will place a towel over your body, so you will be covered up during your session.

Will my sports massage hurt??

As this massage therapy will break down your muscles, there may be times when you feel tension or slight discomfort. So, the answer is yes and no. However, the discomfort does not last. If too much pressure is applied and causes unnecessary levels of pain, your body’s natural reaction will be to tense up. If this happens to be sure to tell your sports therapist as they can adjust the pressure to what you’re comfortable with.

What is your cancellation policy??

We do require 24 hours notice for any cancellation or rearrangement of booking, any cancellations within 24 hours will be at the therapist’s discretion.

How many sessions will I need??

The number of treatments will vary depending on the problem and individual. After a thorough assessment, the therapist will discuss the treatment plan for the rehabilitation process.

Do you only treat people who are into sports??

Absolutely not! Everyone can benefit from Sports Therapy or a Sports massage. You don’t have to be an athlete for an injury or chronic pain to affect you. Sports Therapy can help treat and rehabilitate you from injury and ongoing niggles so that you can carry out your everyday life pain-free and with improved function. It can also help address postural imbalances which will help your body function better in your daily life.

Can you come to our event/ match/ tournament to offer pre and post-event massage or work with teams in our club?

Yes, please contact me to discuss how we can work together.

We accept cash, bank transfer and card payments including contactless.

We sees and treats patient for a wide range of conditions and diagnoses. Please visit our Services for an extensive list of conditions and diagnoses we see patients for.

Physical Therapy at Physio is proud to have 20 physical and occupational therapists on staff who have obtained and achieved advanced certifications in orthopedics, sports, hand therapy, manual therapy, and pedorthics.

We will check with your health insurance provide to determine if outpatient physical therapy services are covered under your plan. We recommend that you confirm your insurance coverage.

You can cancel your appointment through the client portal. It's the same way you booked the appointment. Alternatively call us on 07503550373.

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